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Oakley Eyewear blends science and art to redefine product categories by rejecting the constraints of conventional ideas. The company is recognized as one of the most coveted brands in performance technology and fashion. Striving to redefine the limits of possibility, Oakley has been awarded more than 575 patents and 1100 trademarks.

Oakley sunglasses are quite possibly the most popular designer sunglass brand on today's market. Oakley offers a multitude of sunglass models in a variety of colours, designs and shapes. Offering the highest quality designs and combining them with the most advanced technology in the industry, Oakley sunglasses meet the outstanding demands of consumers that other brand labels are incapable of meeting.

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Oakley has been making sunglasses since 1975. The company was started by James Jannard in his garage. The company is named after two cities in California, which are Oakland and Berkeley. He combined their names to make "Oakley." Jannard started his career with the "Oakley Grip," which was a motorcycle grip he started making. It wasn't until 1984, that James released his first pair of sunglasses. They were modelled after his motorcycle goggles. When he finally went public with his products in 1995, the company made approximately $230 million. One popular style that Oakley released, the aviator, is known for being lightweight and comfortable.